・We have a 16 slice SIEMENS CT scanner that has top notch performance.
・Services offerd include routine CT scan work and the following:

■ CT bone densitometry
■ CT pulmonary angiogram
■ CT aortogram and peripheral angiogram

・We own a digital SHIMADZU xray machine that provides crisp images that are both film printed and copied on a CD for the patient.
・We also perform specialised xray examinations including hysterosalpingogram (HSG), MCU, Barium swallow, Barium meal and follow through and Barium enema.

・We use one of the highest quality and GE machine manufactured
・We have highly trained radiologists who perform basic and advanced ultrasound exams.
・Some of the exams offered are:- cranial, neck, thyroid, abdomen, pelvis, scrotal, arterial and venous doppler and muskuloskeletal u/s.

We are equipped with ultra modern equipment, aimed at offering timely results for patients treatment.

Endoscopy unit ( OPITVIST EPK -i 7010 )
The equipment has i-scan and optical enhancement technology which in turn improve doctors ability to clearly visualize the epithelial surface pit- pattern and vascular pattern.
Examination available include:
・Interventional endoscopy

Cardiopulmonary exercise (CPX) is an important diagnostic examination for assessment and reassessment of heart and lung of patients in a variety of clinical situations. Optimal indications for CPX includes:
・Evaluation of unexplained dyspnea,
・Complicated multisystem disease,
・Exercise rehabilitative traning


FOREST JAPAN MEDICAL CENTRE provides world class and affordable diagnostic services in radiology and laboratory services. The facility was established through direct foreign investment and is affiliated to SUWANOMORI HOSPITAL based in Oita Prefecture, Japan.
Our priority is deliver timely and the highest standards of diagnostic services through the use of state of the art equipments with a qualified and experienced team of professionals within an interactive and friendly environment.


We are committed to providing personalised patient care in an environment of excellence that employs the use of modern advances in healthcare.


To be a model of excellence in providing medical services in Kenya and beyond